"Whilst I employed an architect, the vast majority of the design interpretation and the "build ability" of the basic plans furnished by the architect was done by Jason. He has an extraordinary eye for detail, design, style and does this within a commercial and practical context. I cannot recommend enough Jason as a highly skilled project manager, construction expert and craftsman.”

Jonathan Kendall, Challet Binbendum, France

“Jason embraced the substantial build and complexities that arose throughout the construction period with a strong focus on maintaining build quality and professional relations. Jason proved throughout the process he was highly organised concerned with delivering construction methodologies which would greatly improve quality and efficiency. Jason was a highly skilled communicator with sub contractors and the various statutory authorities and neighbours associated with the project.

The project benefitted greatly from his practical resolution of a built outcome which enabled the design intent of the project to remain clear. He was able  to focus on details without losing site of the greater project."

Aaron Roberts, Architect, Room11/ Edition office

“Their approach to the project was professional, monitoring cost control and keeping to time was given high priority.  Of particular merit was the company's clear understanding of what goes into construction and their constructive interface with the design team where they often offer value engineered and carefully thought through solutions with good design suggestions.”

R G Heath. Architect UK.

 I have worked with Jason for over three years on two separate projects.

The first had a contract value of $2.2 million. A new house adjacent to and Alistair Knox design with a connecting wing between the two houses.  He was the critical thinker between client and architect. One of the key skills Jason demonstrated in this project was the ability to understand design intent and successfully manage the outcome to achieve the desired results within the clients budget. His ability to clearly communicate with tradespeople  on site was exceptional and ensured a very harmonious site for the duration of the construction.

The second project was a high end 400m2 new build with a 20m indoor pool and elevator with a contract value of 3.3 million. It is clear to me that Jason's processes and methodical perfectionism demonstrated in our first project together is Jason's normal way of working and is a benefit to the client and myself to have him take on any project.This project was delivered from start to finish in less than one year, well ahead of schedule and to the highest standards."

Glen Chamberlain, Chamberlain Architects