Quality Designer Custom Rustic Barn Doors & Bespoke Furniture

Reclaimed Australian timber transformed into Rustic Barn Doors

We love quality timber and because we genuinely believe in reducing waste, we have combined the two to use reclaimed timber during house demolitions to create beautiful authentic rustic barn doors.

Our love affair with timber means we store it, strip it back and treat each piece of timber with care. Meticulously sanded the timber is now ready for the build. 

We work to produce custom sized barn doors for your unique space, creating the work of art before lacquering and adding high-quality Australian Lockwood hardware.

The result is a simply beautiful authentic rustic timber barn door that both softens and adds beauty to any room. Ideal for creating privacy between large living spaces, adding pause and breathe to busier spaces, or softening modern clean spaces.

Designer Custom Rustic Barn Doors & Bespoke Furniture

Rustic Barn Doors


Bellbrae VIC 3228, Australia

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