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We work to create an envelope in your home, insulating where possible within your ceiling, walls and ideally your floors. All insulation and vapour membranes are correctly installed to maximise the products effectiveness - 90mm in walls, 180mm in roof. We examine the structure and available space and suggest the best solution to maximise the outcome. 

Passive Solar

Simply put, passive solar uses free heating directly from the sun to dramatically reduce the energy consumed in your house. It aim to keeps out heat in summer and captures warmth in winter. This captured energy can be stored in the thermal mass of the home which maintains an ambient temperature long after the sun has gone down. Passive solar relies upon the informed occupant opening and closing windows in isolated zones to maximise it's effect.

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Double Glazing

When building or renovating, it's likely your windows will require an energy rating. Double-glazing is where 2 layers of glass come together separated by a 6-20mm layer of argon or gas, which significantly improves the thermal quality of the window. This allowing the transfer of heat to be reduced. Thermal performance is affected by the quality of the installation, thermal breaks in the frame, weather seals, gas & the type of glass and frame used & the frame to glass ratio.

Thermal Mass

Thermal Mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy. In building, we consider the best use of materials and work with your architect to maximise the thermal mass production of your home ensuring heat is stored during the day and re-radiated at night.