Eco Logique Developments is a quality and detail driven building company, specialising in creating sustainable eco friendly homes and renovations with over 30years experience building - Victorian Building Authority (VBA) registered and a longterm member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV).


We share a passion for great architecture and understand the importance of building a beautiful home which is a pleasure to live in, which provides you warmth in winter and cool in summer. A rare blend resulting from years of collaborating with Architects and Clients in Chamonix, France, Melbourne and the Surf Coast. We bring the best of these practices and sensibilities to the sustainable homes we build.

Our love for the environment and respect for the relationship that architecture can have with it's surroundings, drives us to elevate the whole living experience in a sustainable way. Eco Logique's qualities are unique and result from years of experience and a determination towards constantly maximising quality through better detail and by being open to all the best technologies and traditions that the world has to offer. This combination results is an unsurpassed build result and living experience.

We start with your intent, can recommend great architectures who dovetail into your requirements and collaborate with you and your architect to ensure the best practise eco design principles are integrated to your design for modern and period eco friendly homes. We can also design & build your sustainable renovation with you.

Sustainable ecological homes on the Surf Coast & Geelong





Manage your eco friendly custom build home from beginning to end



Manage your custom home renovation from beginning to end 




Collaborate with Architects on your behalf or with you


With you on your custom home project 



We understand that getting started can be daunting. We are here to make this experience as simple and transparent as possible.


We are a qualified residential builder with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and long-term member Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV), have indemnity insurance and have never had a dispute or been bankrupt.

All of our work is guaranteed.


We can also offer Commercial Building services to larger projects with our long-term partner 'Red Earth Developments'.

We have built lasting relationships with the people we work with, some of those recommendations are available in Testimonials for you to read.


All of our buildings have a 10-years structural warranty guarantee.

We believe in our work and are quality driven. Reassurance for the quality of your lifetime Surf Coast home.



We work to create an envelope in your home, insulating where possible within your ceiling, walls and ideally your floors. All insulation and vapour membranes are correctly installed to maximise the products effectiveness - 90mm in walls, 180mm in roof. We examine the structure and available space and suggest the best solution to maximise the outcome. 

Passive Solar

Simply put, passive solar uses free heating directly from the sun to dramatically reduce the energy consumed in your house. It aim to keeps out heat in summer and captures warmth in winter. This captured energy can be stored in the thermal mass of the home which maintains an ambient temperature long after the sun has gone down. Passive solar relies upon the informed occupant opening and closing windows in isolated zones to maximise it's effect.

Double Glazing

When building or renovating, it's likely your windows will require an energy rating. Double-glazing is where 2 layers of glass come together separated by a 6-20mm layer of argon or gas, which significantly improves the thermal quality of the window. This allowing the transfer of heat to be reduced. Thermal performance is affected by the quality of the installation, thermal breaks in the frame, weather seals, gas & the type of glass and frame used & the frame to glass ratio.

Thermal Mass

Thermal Mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy. In building, we consider the best use of materials and work with your architect to maximise the thermal mass production of your home ensuring heat is stored during the day and re-radiated at night.














Our collaboration with Red Earth Construction is built on a long standing relationship over the last 30 years, where trust is the currency. 


Our collective experience of 60+ yrs across international, residential and commercial allows us to support one another in our areas of expertise across construction and project management. 


We have a love affair with the work we do and the capacity to continue to do it together, now on the Surf Coast.


Projects to date : 






"Whilst I employed an architect, the vast majority of the design interpretation and the "build ability" of the basic plans furnished by the architect was done by Jason. He has an extraordinary eye for detail, design, style and does this within a commercial and practical context. I cannot recommend enough Jason as a highly skilled project manager, construction expert and craftsman.”

Jonathan Kendall, Challet Binbendum, France

“Jason embraced the substantial build and complexities that arose throughout the construction period with a strong focus on maintaining build quality and professional relations. Jason proved throughout the process he was highly organised concerned with delivering construction methodologies which would greatly improve quality and efficiency. Jason was a highly skilled communicator with sub contractors and the various statutory authorities and neighbours associated with the project.

The project benefitted greatly from his practical resolution of a built outcome which enabled the design intent of the project to remain clear. He was able  to focus on details without losing site of the greater project."

Aaron Roberts, Architect, Room11/ Edition office

“Their approach to the project was professional, monitoring cost control and keeping to time was given high priority.  Of particular merit was the company's clear understanding of what goes into construction and their constructive interface with the design team where they often offer value engineered and carefully thought through solutions with good design suggestions.”

R G Heath. Architect UK.

 I have worked with Jason for over three years on two separate projects.

The first had a contract value of $2.2 million. A new house adjacent to and Alistair Knox design with a connecting wing between the two houses.  He was the critical thinker between client and architect. One of the key skills Jason demonstrated in this project was the ability to understand design intent and successfully manage the outcome to achieve the desired results within the clients budget. His ability to clearly communicate with tradespeople  on site was exceptional and ensured a very harmonious site for the duration of the construction.

The second project was a high end 400m2 new build with a 20m indoor pool and elevator with a contract value of 3.3 million. It is clear to me that Jason's processes and methodical perfectionism demonstrated in our first project together is Jason's normal way of working and is a benefit to the client and myself to have him take on any project.This project was delivered from start to finish in less than one year, well ahead of schedule and to the highest standards."

Glen Chamberlain, Chamberlain Architects



Every sustainable eco friendly home is uniquely different and that is what we love.

From our first meeting, we aim to understand your design vision and intent, sustainable house objectives, time and budget constraints and deliver the most efficient design build model for your eco home to meet your needs. We understand the unique importance of your sustainable home, offering you 30 years of expertise to deliver beyond the industry standard. 


We'd love to hear from you. 

We love what we do and we pride ourselves on delivering the best results.

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E   jason@ecologiquedevelopments.com

P  0437 226 259

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Sunken lounge

Custom-built lounge with underfloor hydronic heating and polished slab.